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Grain Processors

Millers, isoglucose, gluten and ethanol producers are represented in this section.

During the last few years the Hungarian milling industry has changed a lot. There has been huge technological development, new mills appeared in the market and at the same time other operators had to finish their activities. The Hungarian milling industry – like in many other European countries – is still struggling with overcapacity. The raw material demand of mills is totally covered by local production, which is not common in Hungarian food industry. The average flour consumption in Hungary is 80 kg/person per year. In the last few years the grain usage for industrial purposes has been significantly growing and has reached 1.5 million tons.

Feed Manufacturers

Protein importers, feed additive-, premix-, concentrate- and compound feed manufacturers and traders are represented in this section.

Marketing about 4 million tonnes of compound feed yearly they fulfils the total demand of Hungarian animal husbandry and make 140 billion HUF incomes. The number of registered feed manufacturing companies has been decreasing yet overcapacity is still a problem in the industry. High level of technology and good hygiene status characterize this industry which ensure good product quality. The feed industry uses home-grown cereals solely but protein usage is mainly covered by imported soya-pellet and fish meal.


Since the foundation of our Association the biggest changes have happened in the trade sector. The state monopoly in international trade of grain ended in 1989. Today the Trade Section of the Association is the largest section consists of trading companies mainly dealing with grain and oilseed export, protein import. Not only market companies of the biggest multinational trade firms but also middle- and small-sized Hungarian companies can be found in this section. After the Enlargement  of EU the structure of our markets has changed, our grain and oilseed export quantity doubled and the EU has become the main market.
In the Association there are some public warehouses, accredited laborotories and a bank (which is committed in financing the agricultural sector) - providing special market service to the grain processors and traders.